Genki Ramune Strawberry, 200 ml

Genki Ramune Strawberry, 200 ml

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Moritz Fritzen
Marketing at GoTiger

No other drink stands for the Japanese summer like the tangy Ramune lemonade. The lemonade has a distinctive extra feature - instead of a normal lid, the Ramune cap is a glass marble. To get to the drink, you simply have to push the marble down. It then lands in the ball catcher and you can fully enjoy the sweet taste of strawberries - your perfect refreshment for a sultry summer day.

Ramune soda has a special packaging process that gives the drink a distinctive appearance and a special opening technique. The presence of a marble cap instead of a normal lid has made Ramune one of the most interesting sodas in the world. If you have trouble opening it, check out one of the many YouTube videos.

About the brand: Genki Ramune has taken it upon itself to make the popular drink Ramune healthier. Therefore, the sweet drinks are infused with collagen, golden turmeric, multivitamins and matcha green tea flavors.

Ingredients: Water, carbonic acid, corn syrup, sugar, acidity regulator E330, flavor strawberry, colorants E129.