Oishi Lemon Black Iced Tea, 500 ml

Oishi Lemon Black Iced Tea, 500 ml

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Moritz Fritzen
Marketing at GoTiger

Oishi black lemon tea belongs to Thailand like beer belongs to Germany. You can buy Oishi tea in any Thai corner store, no matter how small. Behind it is a real beverage success story: within just a decade, Oishi has become so popular that the drink even competes with Coca-Cola in Thailand. Oishi Black Lemon Tea combines the flavors of freshly brewed black tea with a hint of lemon juice, a perfect interplay of sweet and sour. Caution high addictive potential - everyone who has tried Oishi once loves it. No matter what the occasion, it just tastes damn good.

Oishi Black Lemon Tea contains aromatic, freshly brewed black and green tea with a touch of lemon juice. The drink contains no artificial additives and is an excellent alternative to carbonated soft drinks.

About the brand: The Oishi brand is headquartered in Singapore. Translated, the company name Oishi means "delicious" and is derived from this word, which stands for delicious life just like the company philosophy.

Ingredients: 54.2% black tea, green tea, sugar, fructose, flavor, 0.1% lemon juice from concentrate.