Tsingtao Premium Lager Beer 4.7%, 330 ml

Tsingtao Premium Lager Beer 4.7%, 330 ml

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Zane Yang
Head of Food at GoTiger

100 years ago, the first Tsing Tao beer was brewed in China. In fact, the popular beer has a domestic origin, as the founders of the brewery were German settlers. Today, Tsing Tao, with its refreshing, malty flavor and light rice note, is China's best-known beer internationally. Fun fact - In Tsing Tao's town of origin, they use to say, "We make friends through beer. If I raise my glass and you drink your whole glass, we will become really good friends." So go ahead, grab a potential friend and enjoy a cold Tsing Tao while doing afterwork in the park.

Chicken wings 95%, sugar, wheat, garlic, green onion, chicken extract, salt, chili, Sichaun pepper, canola oil, paprika, white sesame, spices, chili bean paste, (broad beans, chili 59%), water, salt, wheat (gluten), flour).

About the brand: Tsingtao is named after the city where the beer brand was founded in 1903 by German brewers: Qingdao. Tsingtao Brewery is one of the six largest beer breweries in the world.

Ingredients: Water, malted BARLEY, rice, hops.