Jinro Soju Fresh 16,9%, 350 ml

Jinro Soju Fresh 16,9%, 350 ml

Jinro Soju Fresh 16,9%, 350 ml

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Jinro Soju is also known as Korean vodka. It has a very mild taste and is a transparent distilled alcohol made from rice. Soju has become increasingly popular as a fashionable drink in Western countries with the rise of K-pop.

About the Brand: Jinro was introduced in 1924 and is the best-selling soju brand in Korea and the best-selling spirit in the world. It is the world's leading producer of soju and accounts for more than half of the domestic sales of this beverage.

Ingredients: rice, yeast, nuruk (koji), water, food acid (e330), acidity regulator (e270), grapefruit extract, sugar, fructose.