Bibigo Soybean Paste Ssamjang, 500 g

Bibigo Soybean Paste Ssamjang, 500 g

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Bibigo Soybean Paste Ssamjang, 500 g

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A rich spice paste made from cooked beans, water and salt fermented together. It goes well with a variety of meat and vegetable dishes and is also suitable as a moderately spicy dip.

About the Brand: Bibigo is a global brand in the Korean food industry. Inspired by authentic recipes, Bibigo sells a variety of premium products.

Ingredients: Soybean paste 53% (water, soybeans, 27%, wheat flour, salt, wheat, fermented wheat), maltose syrup, fermented wheat, seasoning mix (chili powder, water, salt, onions, sesame, garlic), sugar, alcohol, water, onions, chili, garlic concentrate, shiitake concentrate, defatted soybeans, 0.4%, roasted sesame seeds, chili paste (chili, salt, oligosaccharides), salt.